NR17 | Parquet Maintenance  

water based film forming maintenance 

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- 2 matt
- 4 seidenmatt
- 8 glänzend

Product description

NEOCARE Parquet Maintenance is a water-based cleaning agent and care product for waterproof floors such as e.g. sealed parquet, prefinished parquet, linoleum and PVC. It cleans the floor effectively and forms a film which protects the floor in the long term. Parquet Maintenance does not require polishing and is suitable for sports floors according to DIN 18032-2. It is characterised by its high scratch resistance and resistance to heel marks.

Product characteristics

- forms a protective film
- for all water resistant floors
- cleans and maintains

Package size

1 l VE 14 x 1 l
5 l

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