NP84 | Optima DD-Sealer 

2C-DD parquet sealer 

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- 3 semimat
- 9 glossy

Product description

NEOPUR Optima DD-Sealer is a high quality, 2-component parquet sealer based on polyurethane. It is solvent-based and suitable for all parquet floors bonded in a shear-resistant manner. The DD-sealer is characterised by its easy use by roller or single coat application. The sealing film is highly abrasion resistant and chemical resistant and therefore especially recommended for floors exposed to high stress (e.g. in schools and department stores).

Product characteristics

- for very heavily stressed floors
- high filling properties
- excellent abrasion resistance
- excellent chemical resistance

Package size

1 l VE 11 x 1l
5 l
10 l

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